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League of Legends RP and IP hack

League of Legends Hack

As you all know , LoL is one of the best and most popular MMO strategy games at the moment and close to being as popular as DotA 2. Riot games is working hard to bring us new content and keep the game fresh and interesting for players. With every patch , League of legends hack needs to be updated and we are now proud to present to you the latest version of the tool. There are many new features in 3.7 version and above and we will try to explain to you how each module of LoL hack works and a detailed instructions for new users.

Basics of League of Legends Hacks 3.7

There are several modules that the developer team made and so far we can use league of legends rp hack and ip hack. There was a plan to use map hack but at the end it seemed like too much work to maintain and only few people used it. That is why most focus was made on Riot Points and Influence points. This is a VIP tool and only few people are using it at the moment, since it was released quite recently and only handful of users had access.We got permission to launch it on our blog readers. We will cover features in full later in this post. This is how it looks like.

This is the latest UI change for v3.7

Download League of Legends Hack – Cheat Engine v3.7

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Step by step instructions
  1. Download the lol hack tool above (like, tweet or +1 to unlock download button)
  2. Get the licence key from (mirror 1,2 or 3 buttons) or (read more and get trial key from Riot Points generator post)
  3. Paste the key and verify it (this the code to access decryption servers, its not actual key for the tool, so its mandatory)
  4. Choose league of legends RP or IP hack
  5. Choose the module you want to use with League of legends hack
  • For Riot points , you will generate the encrypted code and have it decrypted after that (check the video at the end), which then gives you a working RP code just like when you buy it online
  • For Influence points , you should just choose amount and enter the summoner ID , and hit the hack button , changes should be made really quickly
 New features for version 3.7

The loader app for league of legends hacks modules. It checks the current detection and update status
It does not look like much , but the loader app is one of the several new things that was introduced in version 3 of the cheat engine and allowed the users to check for updates and patch detection status on League of Legends servers. Map hack was removed because it was not as popular and developers decided to focus on RP and IP more as two main modules. Here are few of these changes
  • RP generator now generates prepaid codes instead of injecting in client. This makes it much safer for use and Riot points added this way are never removed
  • You can now choose 10$/20$ codes which gives you 1380/3500 points
  • More codes per day due to fast decryption servers
  • Influence points hack gets a new security feature that checks for detection before connecting
What is Licence key ?
We mentioned the fast decryption servers right ? Well , in order to access them we need a key that will be given to each user and you can use the same key unlimited number of times and with all future updates.You can get your key very fast from the hack itself. It is similar to the one used on Clash of clans hack 2013 and later it was added to Habbo hack.
The hack is still being worked on and updated , and it will be updated for each LoL patch and we will post new updates here. As we promised earlier , here is the video guide.

League of Legends Camera Tools

LoL Camera Tool
A camera tool to play around with some camera functions in the client.
This tool uses autodetection and survived the last few major patches so should continue working for the forseeable future unless there are significant code changes in the client.

Unlock Camera - Unlock zoom scrolling to Zoom in/out as far as you want.
Alternate Zoom - Moves the camera away from the game world rather than changing zoom values.
View Distance ++ - Extends the draw distance to stop the blackness the appears when zooming too far out or looking down a lane in third person.
Set Field of View - Increase/Decrease field of view.
Tex Width - Change the width of all textures, not working atm.
Camera Rotation - Change the rotation of the camera for top down/third person effects.
Disable Fog of War - Turns off the fog of war, only a visual effect, cannot be used to see the location of enemy players.

Numpad / - Enable Hotkeys
Numpad * - Disable Hotkeys

Numpad1 - Unlock Zoom
Numpad3 - Lock Zoom
Numpad4/6 - Horizontal Camera Rotation
Numpad2/8 - Vertical Camera Rotation
Numpad7 - Alternate Zoom on
Numpad9 - Alternate Zoom off
Numpad0 - Extend Draw Distance
Numpad. - Restore Draw Distance
Numpad+ - Increase FOV (Tick FOV Box first)
Numpad- - Decrease FOV
Numpad5 - Reset all

Third Person
Normal Games only, Doesn't work with replay/spectate (Crash)

Fly Camera
Left Click(Hold) - Change Direction
NumPad8 - Move Forward
NumPad5 - Move Backward
NumPad7 - Turn Right
NumPad9 - Turn Left
NumPad4 - Strafe Left
NumPad6 - Strafe Right
NumPad1 - Pitch Down
NumPad3 - Pitch Up

Free Camera
Lets you rotate the camera by holding down middle click or LCtrl.

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Acronis True Image Home 2010 v13 Build 5055 + BootCD +Serial

Acronis True Image (or simply True Image) is a brand name for a line of backup and disk imaging software for Microsoft operating systems, produced by Acronis. As disk imaging software, True Image can restore the previously captured image to another disk, replicating the structure and contents to the new disk, also allowing disk cloning and partition resizing, even if the new disk is of different capacity.

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GTA 5 Money Hack

You are here because you were looking for a hack for GTA 5 online! Fortunately, wehave exactly that !With our GTA 5 Hack online, you will be able to change just about everything in the game. This multi - platform GTA 5 Hack line of work for Playstation 3 (PS3) , Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 ( PS4 ) .How this GTA 5 Hack online can work on all consoles? It is web-based , which means if you have an Internet connection, you can mod GTA 5 online with this hack.Some of our most popular features GTA 5 Hack,A . GTA 5 Money Hack - You can make as much money as you want in your account. This can also be used to give your friends the money .2 . Premiums billion - You can set premiums for really as high as you want , most prefer to 1 billion dollars in bonuses and watch everyone scramble to get it :)3 . GTA 5 God Mode - You are a GOD! Nobody can kill you , no cars , guns , tanks , nothing!Overall, there are about 127 functions , 127 settings so that you can modify in part. You're probably here because you saw other hackers / modders playing GTA 5 online, and you want to get a piece of the action.If you want GTA 5 Hack, just download it below !

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Archangel V1.1 Full

"a satisfying and long-lasting dungeon crawler." -Digital Spy
"a rock-solid performer." -PocketGamer
"I would definitely recommend this for someone...waiting for the new Dark Souls game." -148Apps
"impressive graphics on the same level as console games." -Modojo
The forces of evil are mobilizing in defiance of heavenly rule. As an Archangel your task is not merely to halt their rise – you must inflict a justice so brutal and uncompromising that none will ever again defy the will of Heaven. Black Tower Studios and Unity Games conjure visceral action tailored for touch in this epic clash between good and evil.
**Requires up to 400MB of free space to download.
Supported devices mentioned below.**
-Embody the Angel of justice and retribution - a celestial being of certain conviction driven by moral absolutes.
-A true gesture & touch based control system designed to give unparalleled control.
-Crush, freeze, pound, cut, immolate and even resurrect fallen foes to fight against their fellow sinners.
-30 levels of intense, martial and spell-casting action.
-Over 100 items to collect, some with unique spells and abilities to add to your repertoire.
-Wager hard-earned spoils at the end of each level for even more treasure—or risk losing it all.
-Achievements to unlock and Leaderboards using Google Play Game Services.
-Have progress automatically saved on the cloud and continue your game on any of your devices.
Android 2.3.3 or above is required.
Recommended Devices: Asus EE Transformer tablet, Motorola Xoom tablet, Sony xperia S tablet, Lenovo Ideatab, Nexus 7 (2012) tablet, Samsung Galaxy S2 (lead device), Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One X, LG 4X HD, Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
                                                                   PART 2

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Minecraft - Pocket Edition V0.8.1 (FULL VERSION)

Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures. Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and randomly generated worlds. You can craft, create and breed anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn.
Since the first release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we’ve added heaps of new features and made massive improvements to the way things look. There’s never been a better time to enjoy Minecraft on the move.
Minecraft — Pocket Edition is a Universal App. Pay once and play on any of your Android devices.

What's New
- Minecarts, rails, and powered rails!
- The view distance has been massively increased. Check the options!
- New textures, colours and block functionality taken directly from the PC version
- New blocks: carpets, more wood types, hay bales, iron bars, and more
- New crops and food types: beetroot, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins.
- Lots more blocks and items to use in Creative Mode.
- New AI and breeding.
- A new Creative inventory with tabs.
- Improved lighting and fog effects.

Minecraft Pro V3.1 APK (FULL VERSION)

Minecraft Pro is a guide to the popular indie game 'Minecraft'. This app has Info on crafting, mobs,
achievements, redstone and more! Minecraft pro doesn't require an internet connection and doesn't need any permissions!

  • Item info
  • Clickable crafting squares
  • Search for any piece of information in the app
  • Redstone circuit info
  • Mob info
  • Achievement info
  • Biome info
  • Structure info
  • Gameplay info
  • Actively developed
This app is a must have for all miners whether you're a beginner or pro! If you like Minecraft Pro be sure to leave me a comment and tell your friends!

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 2.3Mb APK

CrossFire VIP Hack Free World


 This is a vip hack so you need put some effort to get this hack
Full function on
world wide
  • Onehit Z.M/ZA MOD ( Mata com 1 tiro no modo zombie )
  • No Recoil ( Tiro perfeito RETO )
  • No knock back ( Nao Perde Dano Ao Cair De Lugar Alto )
  • Long Knife ( Alcance da faca )
  • Add Damage Weapon ( Aumenta a Força Da Sua Arma )
  • Fly [ Shift ] ( Segure shift para voar )
  • AFK BOT ???? ( Voce nao é movido para o lobby por inatividade )
  • Wall/See Ghost ( Mostra os players nas paredes e fantasma )a
  • No Reload Pro ( Caregamento mais rapido )
  • Fast Change ( Troca suas armas mais rapido )
  • Fast Shoot ( Carrega a Arma em 1 Segundo )
  • Draw Bone ( Mostra o esqueleto dos players )
  • Full Balo-Ammo [ V ] ( Aperte V e podera trocar de item como se fosse uma bolsa )
  • Change Knife ( Weapon de armas brancas )
  • Auto HeadShot ( Aimbot )
  • HeadShot Type ( Altera o Tipo Do Aimbot )
  • Speed [ Shift ] ( Segure Shift Para ter velocidade )
  • Under map ( Ficar em baixo da terra )
  • Anti boom ( Bombas nao tira dano )
  • CrossHair ( Mira de precisão )
  • Invisible [ F ] ( Aperte F para ficar invisivel e V para voltar ao normal )
  • No Bug Damage ( Nao tira dano quando voce buga em um mapa )
  • M16 ---> ( Weapon para M16 )
  • Fast Knife ( Velocidade Para Facas )
  • Knife Round 360 ( A faca mata todos que estao em sua volta )
  • M700 ---> ( Weapon para M700 )
  • No Fall Damage ( Nao perde dano ao cair de lugares alto )
  • Jump ( Pulos mais altos )

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Download Blackshot Hack Updated [2014]

Blackshot Hack Download

Are you tired of playing Blackshot and not getting anywhere? You spent countless hours trying to kill enemies

and level up. Whats the point? Our hacks will make your gaming experience more fun, guaranteed! We offer a wide variety of hacks and cheats that will help you rank up fast and kill every enemy that comes in your line of sight.
One of the most popular hacks we have is our Aim Bot Hack. Our Auto Aim is designed to get precision shots each time you fire. For example, if you see a enemy player in your sight, the cross-air will automatically align for a headshot. Using this hack we guarantee you that you’ll hit your target 100% of the time.
Health is also important in this game, using out God Mode hack you’ll be invincible! The Player ESP Hack will highlight all the players in your area so you’ll be able to know where they are. Other hacks include: Wall hack, BP Hack, and invisible mode. All of our cheats are 100% undetectable and safe to use online. Download it now!

Blackshot Hack Features:
Auto Aim Features
-Bone Scan (Choose what body part to shoot)
-Aim Speed (Adjust the speed at which you aim)
-Disable Aim Key (Can be set to lock on automatically)
-Targeting Mode (Aim at the closest target)
-Stick to target (track an enemy behind walls and obstacles)
ESP Hacks
-Player ESP (Highlights enemy)
-Name ESP (Displays Players Name)
-Box ESP: (Box around the players body)
-Distance ESP (Displays Distance from target)
Miscellaneous Hacks
-Double Exp per Battle
-GS Generator
-BP Hack

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Get cubase7 for free

Minimal Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2 64
Video Card: Display resolution of 1280 x 800
Hard Drive: 8 GB

Recommended Requirements::
OS: Windows 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad, AMD Phenom X4
Video Card: Display resolution of 1280 x 800
Hard Drive: 8 GB

Step 1: Download free trial of cubase7 on the official website Trial Here

Step 2: Download the crack,  To proceed on your Download you need to share us on facebook
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Step 3: Press Generate and wait a few seconds.

Step 4:  Press "Save As" and save in a folder Cubase.
Example: (C:\Program Files\Steinberg\cubase7.exe)

Enjoy and start Rock n roll...

GTA 5 Hack en ligne

Vous êtes ici parce que vous étiez à la recherche d' un hack pour GTA 5 en ligne ! Heureusement, nous
avons exactement cela!

Avec notre GTA 5 Hack en ligne , vous serez en mesure de mod à peu près tout dans le match. Ce multi - plate-forme GTA 5 Hack ligne de travail pour Playstation 3 ( PS3 ) , Xbox 360 , Xbox One, et Playstation 4 ( PS4 ) .

Comment ce GTA 5 Hack en ligne peut fonctionner sur toutes les consoles ? C'est basé sur Internet , ce qui signifie Si vous disposez d'une connexion Internet , vous pouvez mod GTA 5 en ligne avec ce hack .

Quelques-uns de nos fonctionnalités les plus populaires GTA 5 Hack ,

Une . GTA 5 argent Hack - Vous pouvez déposer autant d'argent que vous voulez dans votre compte . Cela peut également être utilisé pour donner à vos amis de l'argent ainsi .

2 . Primes milliard de dollars - Vous pouvez définir des primes pour vraiment aussi haut que vous voulez , la plupart préfèrent mettre 1 milliard de primes en dollars et de regarder tout le monde se bousculent pour obtenir Il :)

3 . GTA 5 God Mode - Vous êtes un DIEU ! Personne ne peut vous tuer , pas de voitures , des fusils , des chars, rien !

Dans l'ensemble , il ya environ 127 fonctions , donc 127 paramètres que vous pouvez modifier en partie. Vous êtes probablement ici parce que vous vu d'autres pirates / moddeurs en jouant GTA 5 en ligne , et que vous souhaitez obtenir un morceau de l'action .

Si vous le souhaitez GTA 5 Hack, il suffit de télécharger la ci-dessous !

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Free Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO Final Multilanguage (Worth $24.95) AND YOU WILL GET IT FOR FREE.

Malwarebytes technology takes the next step in the fight against malware. Malwarebytes
Anti-Malware PRO detects and removes malware where even the best known anti-virus and anti-malware applications fail.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO monitors every process and stops malicious processes before they even start. The Proactive Protection Module keeps your system safe and secure with advanced heuristic scanning technology.

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[TOOL] league of legends RP Hack and ip Hack + LoL Map Hack

League of Legends is unmistakably one of the most prominent giants in the world of MMORPG’s today. With a fan base that blooms with new players almost every single day, and a wide core of dedicated veterans, League of Legend’s titanic reputation quickly becomes very easy to understand. The game places the player in the role of one of over a hundred different and dynamic classes of damage-dealing war juggernauts that fight for supremacy over the map and domination of the opposing team’s home base, and with all of the different opportunities to try out new classes of these Champions that are each controlled by a different player with their own fighting style, it is virtually impossible to completely digest all that League of Legends has to offer in the way of variety.
Since being released in 2009, League of Legends stills sees 2013 and potentially 2014 as years where it will continue to proliferate all of the different forums and circles on the net that dedicate themselves to the world of the MMORPG. As is common with any online game that is free to play, there are a great deal of hacks and exploits to make the experience just that much more dynamic.
League of Legends RP Hack
league of legends ip hack
Getting free Riot Points in League of Legends is not a daunting tasks. In order to receive free Riot Points, all that one really needs to do is direct themselves to one of the many different websites that offer promotional codes that can be exchanged for free points on the sport. One website in particular, “rprewards.com”, offers players a new opportunity every day to get Riot Points for free with a promotional code if they complete the necessary amount of ‘clicks’.

League of Legends IP Hack?
Influence Points are one of the tougher things to come by on a consistent basis in League of Legends, and so naturally, there have been certain methods devised to make their acquisition just a tad bit easier than getting them in a completely vanilla fashion. Influence Points technically can’t be ‘hacked’ to the maximum number in a way that is instant and effort free, even though rumors float around about the possibility; however, one can find numerous strategies online that detail how to ‘farm’ influence points at a level that will give the player a significant leg up on competitors that aren’t as well in the know.

League of Legends Map Hack
league of legends map hackThere are constantly hushed rumors about the League of Legends community about the possibility of a ‘map hack’, something that would allow the player to completely abuse the terrain to their advantage in ways that aren’t possible in the game’s normal settings. As of now, the rumors of map hacks remain largely unconfirmed. Just like the Influence Points hacking rumors, it is much more prudent to rely on natural skill and experience for now, rather than look for ways to break into the game’s coding. If one can find a way to hack the League of Legends maps, they will undoubtedly become a Legend themselves.

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